May was a breath of fresh air in the whirlwind of our last few months in Denver. Craig was in Ophthalmology and had so much more free time. We spent as much time outside as the weather permitted and tried to soak in as much Colorado as possible.

We went on the first hike of the year at Roxborough State Park and taught Max the word "hike." We had to borrow a hiking carrier since this was the first year he was big enough to need one, but he loved it and so did we! We eventually ended up buying our own. He's always been a good hiker, but it's especially fun since he's a little older now and much more into nature. He loves to be outside and pointing out rocks, trees, birds, bugs, animals, etc. That same weekend we drove down to Colorado Springs to "hike" around Garden of the Gods, and the following weekend we took Max to Dinosaur Ridge and met up with his little friends at Civic Green park for Owen's birthday party.
Roxborough State Park

Garden of the Gods
Dinosaur Ridge
Dinosaur Ridge
Civic Green
The next weekend Craig had to use up his last vacation days, but our plan to drive through the mountains was shot when a late snowstorm hit. I was super bitter that Craig's vacation days were wasted on a snowstorm that never should have happened (hello MAY -- 80 degrees the weekend prior!), but the long weekend was saved when we booked a night at the Great Wolf Lodge. An indoor, heated water park was just what we needed to pretend the snow never happened. It was practically magical for Max, which made it that much sweeter for us. He had recently learned to howl like a wolf, which made the experience 100x cuter. That place is a little kid heaven, and I'm sure we'll be returning.

We were still able to drive through the mountains after the storm passed, so Sunday after church we drove 5 hours to Moab. Neither of us had ever been before and although we were only able to spend one night there because of the storm, we absolutely loved it. We stayed at the cutest little lodge (Red Cliffs Lodge) right on the Colorado River (our own kitchen and backyard!) and then spent the next day hiking through Arches National Park. Max was an amazing hiker (even napped in the backpack!), and loved to point out all of the arches. We did the delicate arch, double arch, and windows hikes.

That afternoon we headed home and stayed the night in Aspen to see the Maroon Bells. It was one of my "must-dos" before we leave Colorado, and I'm so glad that the weather cleared up for us to be able to go. The weekend was totally saved and I had so much fun with my boys. I love getting away and going on little adventures with them. Although I admit I had a little travel envy with so many friends and family traveling lately, there is something so refreshing about going on trips close to home -- they're low-stress, easy to plan, and keep our budget happy.

Max at 22 months:
- loves to get stamps at storytime and open gym, and stickers at the grocery store
- howls like a wolf and it is CUTE
- switched to forward facing in the car... but obsessed with sitting in the front seat of the car and now demands to ride there
- loves adventuring with us and likes to say "hike" and "arch"
- love to ride in his stroller and gets sad when we put it away
- loves bubbles
- tries to say so many more words now (like octagon!)
- tried out the puddle jumper in the pool for the first time and totally can't figure it out
- tells you memories and it's so cute. If you ask him what he's done that day, he will list off things like Book (Brooks), Yeya (Briella), baby (he loves friends with babies!), stamp, splash etc
- started struggling with the drop-off at nursery, but still LOVES it and talks about it all week
- had his first public full-on tantrum in Target and was carried out screaming over not being able to use the scanner gun...
- says "bird" like he has an English accent and it makes me laugh. every. time. 

Denver Biscuit Co -- our fave 

Mother's Day 2017


Craig had a trauma surgery rotation this month so he worked 70-80 hours week. He hasn't had too many time-consuming rotations throughout his internship (which is lucky!), but when he does, it takes a toll on all of us. I just count my lucky stars that he chose dermatology and has no desire to work long hours in the hospital! In true Colorado fashion, the weather went back and forth between sunny and warm to snowy and freezing, and as usual, my moods followed suit. I'm so glad Craig had Sundays off and that we always had our true day of rest together to recharge.

The best part of the month was celebrating Easter. I love this time of year because it always brings me back to my semester in Jerusalem, and each day of Holy Week brings up memories of specific places and experiences. Each year I seem to be stretched and rely on my Savior a little more, and this year in particular I've been especially grateful for the strengthening and enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Lately I've found that the more I surrender to faith in Jesus Christ and His plan for me, the more joy and peace I feel in each day, even at a time in life when our future seems so uncertain.

Max is 21 months old this month. He loved hunting for Easter eggs over and over, even though we filled and refilled them with toys he already owned. He's still obsessed with dinosaurs and the dino museum and can now identify 5 or 6 six types of dinosaurs and their features. The library is easily one of his favorite places, and he always heads straight for the dinosaur section -- he likes the nonfiction dino books way more than the kids ones.

Kristin & Brad came to Denver!

loves to line them all up

dead serious about vacuuming. it is NOT funny when I say time's up.

He has watched too much Cookie Monster lately and likes to say, "COOKIE! OM NOM NOM!" He's getting better at his shapes and colors and likes to play with his new choo choos he got for Easter. Right now it seems like he's just a little sponge, soaking in and learning so many new things so quickly! It's such a fun stage and his personality is really starting to shine. 

loves his daddy so much.
loves daddy's stethoscope


We finally saw some much-needed warm weather this month! It was up in the 70s for a few weeks, and we were just soaking it up! We went to a park every day that we could and ended up going several times with different friends each time. We even went swimming a handful of times.

First we went swimming at the Lone Tree rec center with Chase & Camden to celebrate Chase's birthday. It was super cool and even had a little zero entry splash area for the babies. On a warmer day we tried out our apartment complex pool which is actually heated! Max was dying to try out the pool since he saw other kids swimming, but he was a little hesitant when he got in. A few days later we ordered him a puddle jumper, and when we took him again, he loved swimming with his puddle jumper! It was so stinking fun that I didn't even get my phone out to take a single picture. I hope he loves swimming this summer.

... and the next week it snowed ...

Craig had a family medicine rotation with a pretty great schedule, however he was spending every spare minute studying for boards. He took boards at the end of the month and we are THRILLED they are over! His last big exams for at least 3 years! Hoorayyy! He had a few days off after his boards, so we went to the Children's Museum one day, ate lots of good food, and watched a lot of movies. We made a fort in our living room one day, and Max has asked to build a fort every day since!

At 20 months, Max is quickly approaching the terrible twos and I am crossing my fingers they aren't too terrible. He is becoming quite the opinionated little guy about everything from food to books to clothes. He has mini tantrums and is starting to throw things when he's mad, which is slightly concerning.

He looooves to "cuhcuh" with chalk, crayons, pens, anything he can get his hands on. And then he orders me to draw him dinosaurs and stars. He still is pretty antisocial with other kids, but he loves his friend Briella. She is the only one he asks for at church or whose name he says.

He is learning songs and it is SO stinking cute. He loves if you're happy and you know it, head shoulder knees and toes, itsy bitsy spider, wheels on the bus, and twinkle twinkle. He usually only does the hand motions, but every once in a while I catch him "singing" totally on his own doing the motions and it is the sweetest thing. He is finally starting to engage at storytime (we go to the library once or twice a week), whereas before he would cling to me and only watch the other kids from a distance.

He is getting so much better at shapes! He loves to identify circles wherever we go ("kirkle! kirkle!") and can also say square, oval, star, and heart. He's learning colors too but basically just tries to repeat them after I say them and doesn't identify them yet. His fake counting is still going strong (do, do, do, do, DA!).
Finding circles at the Denver Botanic Gardens

He has recently become obsessed with the vacuum ("bacbac"). At first he just really wanted ME to vacuum. Every day. And then he wanted to help. And now he just wants me to get the vacuum out for him and let him vacuum. The other day he dragged the vacuum around (turned off) for almost 30 minutes!! He was literally sweating and red in the face, but so stinking happy. Until I finally put it away. I really need to buy him a mini vacuum.
Sweaty and happy post-vacuuming... but before I put it away and the crying ensued
He loves dinosaurs, crocodiles (croco), Mickey Mouse, and watching Sesame Street (always points to the tv and asks, elmo?). He's started to shrug his shoulders and twist his hands when he's asking for something he knows we won't give him (ie. more applesauce or elmo), and it is so stinking hilarious. Where did he learn to turn on the sweet boy charm?