musicians make great friends.

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Our friends, Jake and Michael, are in a band called Par Avion. We met in lib square and became fast friends. They are a talented bunch. I think we would all agree that occasionally we wonder why they're friends with us.

We have done some really fun things with them this semester. For example, we went to the rope swing in Mona, had fondue night, lit floating lanterns tangled-style (simultaneously almost set the canyon on fire), and had silent raves. However, last night takes the cake.

From the beginning of the semester we had always "lightly joked" with these boys about serenading us at our window. Joking, of course... Jake swore he was not "one of those guys." Naturally, as the semester was drawing to a close, we may have mentioned it once or twice. Or three times. It still was not funny to Jake.

Last night, as we were conversing in our living room (as a family, of course), we heard taps at our window. After calmly walking over the window (or more like pushing and shoving each other to get to the window as fast as possible), lo and behold, there were Jake and Michael standing at the bottom of our second story window, serenading us.

Musicians make great friends.

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  1. Love your blog, your musician friends, and your new "family". What a fun life! Keep this updated...I can't wait to read about Colombia. Love, Jennie