don't judge a book by its cover

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I can't get enough of this beautiful green country.
I've have been lucky enough to travel the west coast of Colombia and visit almost every major city within the Colombia Cali mission. 
This means driving through the mountains, valleys, and countryside.
I've seen cathedrals, waterfalls, rainbows, busy cities, and have met hundreds of loving missionaries and Colombian people along the way. 
My parents have spoken at firesides, conferences, meetings, etc, 
and I've played piano at every meeting I've attended. 
We squeeze in some sightseeing if we have time.

I am overwhelmed again and again with how loving the people are. 
People here welcome you with literal open arms, kisses on the cheek, unnecessarily large meals, and smiles. 
I sit down with people who talk my ear off, regardless of how much I understand, and like always, ask me what I think of Colombia. 
I always tell them that I think it's beautiful. 
Granted, there's not that much I can say in their language anyway, 
but I really do think it's absolutely beautiful.
To my surprise, many people have asked if it's a lot different than everything I heard before I came. I don't really know that I heard too much about Colombia before I came, and I'm not exactly sure what I expected. They painfully tell me that most people just assume Colombia is a dangerous place and only associate it with drugs. 
I guess that's true.
It makes me sad to hear that many people think so poorly of their country. 
They always tell me I will learn to love it. 
I think I already do! 

Lesson learned: Don't judge a book by it's cover. Not by what you see on the news, hear from your friends, or read in the papers. Colombia is beautiful and full of wonderful people, despite what it may have been years ago.

my mom did think I was kidnapped for a solid half hour today and had the elders looking for me. She made sure no one in the office told El Presidente. 
I'm safe, Dad, I promise!

note to self: learn to salsa so I can participate in future spontaneous salsa dance parties