little things

9:21 PM Marcie Parson 1 Comments

A few little things I have been appreciating since my arrival home:

Having "my people" welcome me at the airport
Staying in "my room" at the Turner home
Having a Prince-Hatch reunion at the Hatch home
Getting my fix of "Herndon food"
Laughing with friends I haven't seen for two years
Singing "home of the hornets" during the national anthem
Watching the dance team babies do their thang
Every street recalling a memory


world traveler

12:23 PM Marcie Parson 2 Comments

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have been accepted to volunteer on the 2012 HELP International Nicaragua. I couldn't be more excited to spend 6 weeks of my summer to help change lives. Check it out:

This will be my 5th country I'll travel to in 2012 (Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Colombia, and Nicaragua)!
Look at me go.

Bring on the traveling, 2012.