it's a small (mormon) world after all

9:52 AM Marcie 1 Comments

So here I am in Cali, Colombia, sitting on the balcony of our 15th floor apartment. It is so green and beautiful. I've had quite the eventful past few days, having traveled to an entirely different continent and two new countries. I've never really been outside of the country - excluding some vacations to the Caribbean, which don't count - so this has been quite the adventure! Until now, I've actually been lucky to speak a lot of English with the other North American mission president couples we were traveling with, two of the new Lima East mission president's daughters who are learning English, and some of the Area Office leadership in Peru - but we're on our own now!

We have officially arrived in Colombia, and it seems like another world. South America is so incredibly different. In fact, the first thing I thought when I landed in Peru was that I cannot believe the world is so big. It is so amazing to me that there are places like this all over the world where people are living their lives in different languages with different cultures and different everything! Every aspect of life is different.

But what is it about the Mormon world? Everyone always seems to somehow known someone who knows someone, and we always make these weird connections. Despite the grandiose size of the world - don't think about it too much; it'll give you a headache - the mormon world is so so small. My first day in Peru we went to the Lima temple. When my dad came out of the session and told me that an Elder Richards from the McLean Stake was there, I couldn't believe it. I went around front, and sure enough, there was Stephen Richards. He is in the Lima MTC and it happened to be his P-Day! What are the chances?
The next day my parents had meetings at the Area Office pretty much all day, so they arranged for me to hang out at the mission home of the Lima Central Mission. President Tyler has an 18 year old daughter, Melissa, who is going to BYU in the fall, so we were talking about how she's going to be a freshman and such. This is how the conversation went:

So are you going to be living in the dorms?
No, I'm actually going to be living in Liberty Square to be closer to my brothers.
No way, me too! What building?Jefferson, I think.
What! No way! Me too! What apartment?
27 maybe?
WHAT! That's my apartment!!

My friends and I are living in a 6 person apartment, and there are 5 of us, which means we had one random roommate. Turns out that Melissa is going to be our 6th roommate! What are the chances of meeting her in Peru, of all places. Small world eh? I spent the day exploring Lima with her, and I'm really excited to be living with her in the fall!

Now that I'm in Cali, there is a LOT to learn. For starters, spanish. Yikes. I have actually been able to understand a lot more than I thought I would, but it is so mediocre that it's embarrassing. Today I woke up and my parents were gone - leaving only me and the maid (why yes, we have a maid named Ana... I know). My feeble attempts to communicate with her left me completely confused, and I felt like an idiot. I'm getting really good at smiling and nodding.

Goal for the summer: be able to successfully communicate with Ana.

p.s. aren't my parents the cutest?