ignorance is bliss

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We have started traveling again - for zone conferences this time! Last week we were in Medellín and Belén, and this week we went to Pasto. It was... well, interesting. On several occasions my mom and I would laugh uncontrollably on account of having no idea what was going on or what we were doing there. Our traveling experiences are just too good not to share, mostly due to the fact that we have no idea what's going on.

It starts on the plane. Actually, it starts in a taxi at 4 AM, meaning we wake up at 3:30 AM. We just love our early morning schedule. We're all a little delirious. We actually would have no clue what to do or where to go without the elders. These pictures were taken at 6 AM, because as I recall, we thought it would be "fun for everyone to see what type of plane we fly on."
 I laugh every time I see this.
The hotel in Pasto was out of control, like always. There were problems checking in and out, a suitcase belonging to someone else in our closet (it was gone when we had come back from meetings - we put a chair in front of our door that night), strange people showing up at our door, etc. If that's not enough, for some reason we always seem to get the honeymoon suite or something. It comes complete with pink mood lighting, big tub in the middle of the room, and uncomfortable pictures, I mean, art on the wall. Why? We definitely did not ask for any sort of honeymoon suite.
We had some time to kill while my dad was in interviews, so my mom and I decided to take a taxi to La Cocha, which we had heard was a beautiful lake in the mountains. We drove up this sketchy mountain with road repair, mudslides, and fog. At this point we were both wondering what we had gotten ourselves into. We finally reached the town - which was flooded. Did that stop the taxi driver? Definitely not.
We pulled into the town and were swarmed by people wanting to take us on a boat ride around the lake. Did I have a clue what was going on? Definitely not. Next thing I know, the three of us (my mom made the taxi driver come with us) are piling on this tiny boat with this old woman who I swear was speaking some indian dialect, and we ventured out into questionable waters in the rain. Good thing there were life jackets on board to protect us... from the rain.
The last night in Pasto, my dad was our working with the missionaries and left mom and I to fend for ourselves for dinner. Not brave enough to venture outside in the freezing cold/dangerous streets of Pasto, we decided to play it safe and eat downstairs in the hotel restaraunt where we had eaten the past 3 meals. First of all, the place was eerily empty. We sat down, wondering if it was open, when we saw the waiter come in, from outside the hotel. We asked for a menu to share. He came back with a bowl of soup. We asked for french fries. He told us they would take too long. He came back with a plate of... leftovers?

We started noticing that the other people who had come in also did not get a menu, and instead got the same mush of questionable leftovers. We asked for dessert. He came back empty handed. We still have no idea what was going on! Was it no-food-Wednesday or something? We had eaten there all week with a normal menu and normal results. I wish I had taken a picture of the food we got. Menú is pretty hard to confuse with sopa, Hotel Bolivar. Our Spanish isn't that bad, I promise.

So... we are living in ignorance. Our insufficient Spanish and lack of understanding of the culture leaves us, at times, utterly confused. Sometimes it's more traumatizing than funny, but laughing about it has certainly made it more enjoyable.