everyone has a rebellious phase... or two

5:48 PM Marcie 0 Comments

Who is this brunette wonder, you ask? 
Your favorite mission mom, Hermana Prince!

She survived her first trip to the Salón de Belleza and still looks beautiful,
even if her hair did end up a "poco más oscuro" than planned.

The two of us went on a little outing today, and she was feeling a little rebellious.
She decided to go "incognito."
Pants instead of a skirt
Dyed hair
She almost didn't wear her name tag.

Okay, so maybe it didn't last very long.
Besides, it's hard to disguise the fact that she is a wonderful mission mom.
I suppose everyone needs a little rebellion in their lives. 
For me, it was when I was 15.

However, I take this as an okay to have a rebellious stage (or moment) when I'm in my fifties. 
Look out world!