every member's a missionary

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Although I'm not planning on serving a mission for our church, I am experiencing a mission. I have lived in the mission home, met 165 missionaries, inspected missionaries' apartments with the zone leaders, attended zone conferences and trainings, met investigators, and even put in my two cents about upcoming transfers. I've seen a new country and culture for the first time and have eaten questionable food. I know exactly which missionaries call my parents and whine to them, those who have been in some sticky situations, and those who are sick. I know which are obeying the rules and which are, well, most certainly not. Sometimes I feel like I know more about these missionaries and their issues than their parents know.

There was something special about last week. We had zone conference here in Cali with four zones. Like usual, the meeting started with some lucky Latin missionaries being chosen to give testimonies or short talks in English. The meeting was instantly flooded with the spirit as more and more volunteers lined up to give simple testimonies and express their love for the Lord in a language that is foreign and hard for them. That is certainly something that we understand!

That night, we were invited to a baptism. The elders asked me to accompany them for a special musical number, and let me tell you, there is something about the power with which the missionaries sing that gets me every time - even if I did have to play on a junky keyboard with no pedal (plink, plink, plink).

On Sunday, our office elders planned a family night at our house for about eight of their investigators. I was right smack dab in the middle of missionary work. I sat there in awe as my friends taught the restoration of the gospel and the importance of living prophets and apostles, and the spirit filled the room. I even participated - in Spanish, mind you. WOW they are good. I am so impressed with these elders! It was a really special experience. It made me realize how lucky I am to have been born into this gospel and to know so many wonderful missionaries around the world right now doing that very same thing.

To top it off, this week we were in Armenia, Manizales, and Pereira for zone conferences. While el presidente was in interviews, my mom and I decided to walk around Manizales. We were approached by a police man, and while we worried about what he could possibly want, we were pleasantly surprised when he said, "Where are you from? I want to practice my English." This sweet man offered to give us a tour of the Monumento a los Colonizadores in the best English he could manage. When he asked what my mom's nametag was, we found ourselves explaining the differences between our church and other churches, and I had my first opportunity to share the gospel! I am so glad to be a part of this church!

 At some of the conferences I have been pressured into giving my testimony in Spanish. My response used to be, "but I'm not a missionary!" I've been quickly out-ruled as they remind me that "every member is a missionary!"
I guess that's true. 
I am such a missionary. and I love it.