C's get Degrees

9:00 AM Marcie 1 Comments

This week has been such a joy.
And by joy I mean disaster.
Amidst my struggles to complete my to-do list (and believe me, I was struggling), I was blessed to work with a charming group of people on a group project. Let's just say this menagerie of 'hardworking students' set me back quite a bit on my overflowing to-do list.
I've had quite lovely experiences with group projects in the past, and this one was no exception.

My first traumatizing experience with group projects was when I moved to St. George at the lovely age of 17.
I was miserable there for about a year.
My first semester I was enrolled in financial literacy with Coach Denos. I'm pretty sure it was his first time ever teaching, but of course, he was a coach, so he had to be hired out of some obligation I do not understand. Poor guy never stood a chance. I judged him from day one. Of course, I was the one being judged in my class since A) I had no friends, and B) I wasn't particularly trying to make any.
Needless to say, when a group project rolled around, no one was antsy to be in my group.
Guess what grade we got?
a C.

I was furious. I spoke to the coach, and he wouldn't budge
As a result, I took my first A- in a class. Dramatic, I know. Not a big deal, right? It was for me.
I was a straight A student except for that one A-.
Thank you, Coach Denos. I will never let you live that one down.

This week I was yet again assigned to a winner of a group.
Everyone literally had to copy and paste ONE paragraph into a googledoc and ONE slide onto a google presentation.
On the day our presentation was due, there were two paragraphs written. We were missing 6 paragraphs. I freaked out all morning. I emailed everyone, wrote some of the paragraphs myself, put together a slideshow, and organized a group meeting before class. I printed out our paper with 5 minutes to spare.
As I expressed my feelings of disappointment and stress, the boy to my left politely told me,
"We'll just take a bad grade on this one. C's get degrees!"


I politely informed him that I, Marcie Prince, do not get C's. And that as long as he is in my group, we will be getting an A.

Yep, I am that girl. Judge away.