one year ago...

10:22 PM Marcie 2 Comments

I remember being literally dragged out of bed by a handful of girls from my dorm. You know that awkward stage of freshman year where you meet hundreds of people yet still manage to not have any best friends? It was that time. These were my friends, but I didn't really know them yet. That didn't stop them. They pulled me out of bed, dressed me, and stuffed me in a car. I remember being on the verge of tears, but the second I heard the Christmas music blasting, everything was okay. We drove up to Salt Lake for dinner at CPK and went shopping at the Gateway. I laughed and forgot about everything that was bothering me that week. I thought that maybe these girls would turn out to be my best friends after all. They did.

Good thing I had a depressing week a year ago. Or else none of this would have happened:

Happy one year anniversary of friendship, friends!