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Marhaba (hello in Arabic)!

It makes me sad how quickly this week went by; I don't want this whole semester to slip through my fingers! We had about 5ish hours of class each day, and it's been quite cold and rainy, but we managed to squeeze in some time to explore the city, eat gelato, and goof off.

On Monday, we had our first field trip to several sites around the city. We saw Bethlehem, stood in the West Bank, and saw the dividing wall, Israeli settlements, monasteries, churches, and mosques. One of the most incredible things I've learned since being here is that there are so many similarities between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. It's shocking to see how the values and even our holy scripture compares. Most of our professors are locals, and I love learning about their cultures and beliefs. I think my favorite thing about this place is that it is not only holy for Latter-day Saints, but it is also holy for all Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Everyone has a sort of reverence toward the city.

Jerusalem isn't what I expected... not that I know what I really expected. It's strange because the streets I walk on are obviously not the ancient streets of Christ's time, but the feeling is the still so special. The people in the old city are hilarious and so loving. They call us the "young Mormons" as we walk by, and they love us. Our friend Shaban has BYU pennants hanging outside his shop, offers us juice every time we walk by, made all of the girls free rings, and makes scripture cases and BYU-J shirts especially for us. Love it.

Bethlehem in the distance

Erin and I in front of the old city

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  1. i love you guys!!!!! miss you and i'm glad you are lovin jeruuuu!