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According to the JC director, Petra is the 3rd most amazing site in the world (as is everything else we see). But really, Petra is incredible. Don't be fooled - it's not Southern Utah, but it was the setting for Indiana Jones: the Last Crusade! In real life, it actually is an ancient Nabataean city where they carved massive burial tombs that look like palaces into sandstone that we got to climb around in, ride camels in front of, and hike up literally 1,000 steps to take pictures with (since pictures are our main motive here. Catching on?).

Me and Maddie in the Siq, the slot canyon leading up to the Treasury
Riding a camel in front of the Treasury
The Treasury
The Monastery (post 1000-step hike)
Sig Indiana Jones pic - good thing courtney is a cowboy and provided the hat and whip
sig pyramid pic - in front of the Monastery
One of the merchants insisted that he tie our scarves the bedouin way. Then some man offered 6 camels for me. True story.

Best part of Petra = getting to check "ride a camel" off my bucket list.


  1. You're a six-camel woman! There's a seminary video in this story somewhere...

  2. You are worth WAY more than 6 camels - 7 or 8 at least! Your posts continue to AMAZE me. Thanks for letting me travel with you!