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2:35 PM Marcie Parson 4 Comments

Somehow I lucked out and became the chair of the humanitarian committee here at the JC, and I love it so much. On Friday, we had our first humanitarian activity: making school kits to be sent out to kids throughout Israel. These kits include basic school supplies (notebooks, pencils, pencil sharpeners, colored pencils, rulers, and erasers) and they are heat sealed, boxed, and shipped off around the country. The JC partners with LDS charities, so we are well supplied and make about 10,000 kits (both school and hygiene kits) per semester. I love that we can reach out to the community. We may be legally bound to not share our faith, but we can certainly make a difference and let people know what kind of people we are!

The activity was a huge success. There was music, dancing, food, and a lot of hard work, and I'm so so pleased with the outcome of this project. It's actually quite embarrassing how "in the zone" I was. You could say I'm a tad passionate about humanitarian aid.

so proud.

ps. countdown til JORDAN - 5 hours.


  1. Well done!! Passion well placed. Lucky kids...those who give AND those who receive. Let your light shine!!!

  2. Amazing! And I can't wait to hear about Jordan!

  3. Love that you have this passion. So proud of you!!! :)

  4. get back in my life.
    miss you and your service-oriented self.