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Amman is out of control. It's the capital of Jordan and the home to one of the best-preserved Roman cities in the world. Our first stop was the King Abdullah Mosque, where our tour guide, Mohammed, sat us down and taught us about Islam. I had no idea that Muslims had such similar beliefs to Mormons. I seriously was shocked. It made me sad that Americans, myself included, and Christians can be so ignorant about other peoples that we don't realize how similar all of us really are.
all of the girls had to wear head scarves and black robes inside the mosque

After the mosque, we proceeded to the Citadel of Rabbath-Ammon/Philidelphia/Amman. So many names. The highlight was definitely the Roman temple to Hercules, where you better believe we pretended we were muses and sang "I Won't Say I'm in Love."

temple to Hercules
signature muse pic

We also stopped at the Jabbok River, where Jacob wrestled with God in Genesis 32. So peaceful and green (which was surprising, considering the majority of Jordan had been barren, sandy desert).

Finally, we went to Jerash, an ancient Roman city. okay. So cool. Don't mind us romping around the ruins, walking through Hadrian's Gate, standing in the Hippodrome, prancing around ancient theaters, and taking muse pics galore. Thank goodness for patient boys who put up with our incessant picture taking.

Hadrian's Gate

brys, cam, marce, log, mere

Long bus rides, tours, miles of hiking (wish I had a pedometer), and lots of power naps on the bus. At night, we treated ourselves to a trip to Safeway (what the American grocery store?) and ice cream at McDonalds. Successful day.

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  1. Oh my goodness, your posts are incredible! I can't believe you're seeing the world. I want to see it with you. Keep posting your pictures - I love reading your blog. Miss you miss marcie!