dear mom,

5:36 AM Marcie Parson 5 Comments

I ate an apple for lunch...

... and I liked it.


  1. had to put some chocolate on it I see. I'm so proud.

  2. Hi Marcie-I am so enjoying Israel with you! I can't believe it has been over 20 years since I was there. (I think we wore the same clothes and fanny packs--just bigger hair! :) Just to make me feel really old, I went to Israel with Jared Ludlow. I can't believe he is your professor! He was engaged to Margaret but she wasn't there with us. You will have to tell him "Hi" for me--we had a lot of classes together and so love his family! Of course, he knows me as Diane Airmet. I hope you are okay with me reliving Israel with you! Enjoy every moment and soak it all in. It is over so fast. Sometimes, I can still smell the Old City and feel the limestone pavers under my feet. Enjoy!! Love-Diane

    1. ah! Diane! I cannot believe you went to BYUJ with Dr. Rowdy! We LOVE him and his sweet family! I will pass along your hello! We'll have to reminisce about Jeru someday :)