tel aviv, tell everyone

1:37 PM Marcie Parson 2 Comments

I spent our free Sunday with 9 other beauts on a day trip to Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel. Holy happiness. We walked around old jaffa city, the carmel shuk, the port, the boardwalk, and most importantly, the beach. Guys. I stood in the Mediterranean Sea. No big deal. It seriously was the most perfect weather, and I was giddy with happiness all day long. It has been so rainy and cold in Jeru, and it felt oh so nice to get some sun on the beach. Theme of the day: YOLO2012. Love love these kids so much.
my first steps in the Mediterranean Sea!
Tel Aviv
Eating our way through the Carmel Shuk
Erin & I went to Tel Aviv by ourselves. Jokes.

YOLO 2012 baby.


  1. i was just there in december its amazing!! hope youre having the best time ever i can't wait to go back this summer!