Today In Nicaragua I...

9:29 PM Marcie Parson 3 Comments

Arrived at our casa amarilla at 2 AM after 20 hours of traveling.
Woke up at 7:30.
Went to a meeting about El Tamarindo water
Went to a meeting about the bottle school
Tried strange fruit (who have I become?!)
Took a tour of the sad, sad, looking hospital
Went inside La Catedral
Drank water and fruit juice from a bag
Raced around Leon on a scavenger hunt
Won said scavenger hunt
Surprisingly felt confident practicing my Spanish
Sweat buckets
Took two cold showers and loved every second. Literally. 
Met 10 wonderful HELP volunteers
Feel incredibly grateful to be here. 

Thank you to everyone who helped send me on my way! A special thanks to Laura Scholz, Bryson Toth, Debbie Wei, Lynette Parson, Ryan Bench, Danny Weidman, Sylvia Bjorklund, Sarah Waters, Sarah Smith, Liz Jessop, Sara Turner, Katherine Kruse, Carol Pacheco, Julie Huddon, and drtlord! I wouldn't be here without your help.


  1. I am totally jealous :) I'm going to love reading your blog. I was hoping for an update soon! Have so much fun!! You certainly will change the world - let's do it together! :) Loveeee you!

  2. You are awesome! I am so glad that you're here AND you're a blogger! :D