okay, chicken?

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Amanda la que manda wrapped up our chicken coop project in Ceiba and blogged about it here. Since I wasn't there myself, I thought it would be best to steal her blog post for your viewing pleasure. The following is Amanda's post:

"Yesterday was the last day of our chicken project in the rural community of La Ceiba. For this project we surveyed 20 families (picked by the local mother's counsel) and from them picked the 8 most needy and willing to participate.

Then they had to attend three workshops. The first was on nutrition, then I taught the second one on saving money, and a vet guy taught the third one on how to take care of chickens.

Me teaching about saving money. Only one of the families had any kind of money saving plan.
Then came the fun part, la entrega. We gave each family 3 hens and 1 rooster, as well as enough feed for the next couple days. I'll admit, I'm not the most graceful chicken-passer ever... but I get the job done.

The next fun part is going to happen after we leave.
First, the eggs that the hens lay are going to supplement the health of every family member - and every family selected has a child in elementary school.

Second, there will be even more extra eggs that the family will be able to sell for supplemental income (none of the main providers for the families selected has a permanent job).

And third, as part of the contract these families signed to be a part of the project, they have promised that once they have baby chicks, they are responsible for donating three pairs (one boy and one girl) to three different families on our needy list. So eventually, this project will have positively influenced almost 40 families."

I am so proud.