negev forev

9:38 AM Marcie Parson 1 Comments

On Thursday we went to the Negev - aka the southern desert area of Israel. Our first stop was a bedouin weaving demonstration at Lakiya Weaving. This organization has actually been sponsored by the church because of their excellent education and employment program for women. We sat on pillows in their woven tent while watching their demonstration and being served tea and baklava. Their hospitality and humility was incredible.

Then we went to Arad where we saw some Canaanite ruins as well as an ancient Israelite temple. I stood in the Holy of Holies and next to a sacrificial altar - crazy.

Erin = the epitome of jeru style. baggy jeans, christmas knee-highs, and sneakers.

Then we went to the ruins of Avdat, a trading stop between Petra and Gaza. There we stood in two ancient temples, climbed through some caves, and took lots of nonsensical pictures.
It was freezing, but hey, my Old Testament paper and my Israel class were cancelled. Negev forev.