tel aviv, tell everyone

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I spent our free Sunday with 9 other beauts on a day trip to Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel. Holy happiness. We walked around old jaffa city, the carmel shuk, the port, the boardwalk, and most importantly, the beach. Guys. I stood in the Mediterranean Sea. No big deal. It seriously was the most perfect weather, and I was giddy with happiness all day long. It has been so rainy and cold in Jeru, and it felt oh so nice to get some sun on the beach. Theme of the day: YOLO2012. Love love these kids so much.
my first steps in the Mediterranean Sea!
Tel Aviv
Eating our way through the Carmel Shuk
Erin & I went to Tel Aviv by ourselves. Jokes.

YOLO 2012 baby.


sabbath in the garden

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This past sabbath we spent the afternoon in the Garden of Gethsemane. Sounds unreal, doesn't it? The actual location of the garden is unknown, but the Church of All Nations is built on the Mount of Olives where the oldest olive trees in Jerusalem are located. The peace there is indescribable. We walked home through the Mount of Olives and the Orson Hyde Memorial Park, where I had one of those "be still and know that I am God" moments. What an incredible blessing it is to be here where the atonement took place.

The Church of All Nations and Gethsemane

Mount of Olives
Orson Hyde Park


arabian nights

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Wednesday was Arab culture night aka an excuse to dress up and dance like Arabs. Two men from the Al-Aqsa mosque (the most important mosque in Jerusalem) came and chanted part of the Koran and the call to prayer for us, which made me love the call to prayer that much more. Then we had a full-fledged Arab feast followed by folk dance lessons (lots of foot stomping/kicking involved). Yes, I had "arabian nights" from Aladdin stuck in my head all night.

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