good news for tamarindo

8:13 PM Marcie Parson 2 Comments

A few weeks ago, our team fundraiser for the Tamarindo water project raised over $1,600. Last night we got word of someone who agreed to match that amount.

What does that mean for Tamarindo?  
Twice as many filters can be ordered, and twice as many families will be able to have clean water.

 What does that mean for us? 
A lot of hard work these next few weeks.  
Can't wait.

 We had a meeting in Tamarindo today pitching our project to the community, and I was thrilled with how it went. We are partnering with an organization called MPowering People, and S├ílome, the director, conducted the meeting like a boss. She is an incredible speaker and was able to get the community really excited about it. So yeah, we may have a lot to do, but
 we're pumped.