tidbits of leon

8:43 PM Marcie Parson 0 Comments

1. Today I went to the hospital to begin repainting the pediatric wing. Although I left Heodra Hospital feeling somewhat of a sense of accomplishment, my stomach was churning. The hospital is FAR from what my perception of what a hospital should be. Like most buildings in Leon, it has no AC. The windows don't close, and there are holes in the walls to let pigeons in to roam the halls. It is dirty and grimy. There are cockroaches. The paint is falling off the wall in sheets. I swear the rooms in the pediatric wing have not been cleaned in months. My heart ached the 4 hours I was there today.

2. On a lighter note, last weekend our friend Jorge decided to take us to some hot springs created by a volcano. or something. We wore swimsuits and brought towels. Turns out the San Jacinto Hervideros are really boiling pits of mud that are so hot they literally melt your skin off if you touch them. Now picture us standing there with towels in hand. Awkward.

Then the local children proceeded to put mud on everyone's face and parade us around their town. Just kidding. Kind of. They were taking us to a "nearby" river to wash off which was really fun when we finally got there.. twenty minutes later. Definitely made the awkward moment with our towels worth it.

3. The people I live/work with are hilarious, and I'm 99% positive we have the best HELP team in the world right now.

4. Tomorrow I'm "boarding" (sledding) down the face of the Cerro Negro volcano on a piece of plywood. Literally. I'm going to die.