this means war

12:38 PM Marcie Parson 1 Comments

On Monday, it was my turn to take an early morning 6-hour shift in La Ceiba working on the bottle school. Amanda and I headed out the door, grumbled past "I love you's" and "chelitas," and hopped on the bus. Restraining myself from buying an ice cream cone at that hour in the morning, we snoozed during the whole bus ride to the school.

Fully anticipating another day amidst trash, sand, and plastic bottles, we were pleasantly surprised when we stumbled upon this:

The bottles had been put in the wall AND the sidewalk! We stepped in to shovel and sift sand, and as soon as the school girls saw that we were helping, they wanted in... which, of course, brought all of the boys over. We soon had an army of 30 or 40 school kids helping out during their 30 minute break at school. It was SO fun to see how excited they were about this classroom!

I may or may not have started a water fight that soon turned into a very serious WAR with two adorable boys. We were soaked to the core and coated with mud. Because we used all of the water from the workers' water barrels, we had to slowly refill them by carrying over buckets of water from a spicket 50 yards away. How did we carry them? On our heads like true Nicaraguans. We finished the day by eating otter pops until our fingers turned to prunes.

 I'd say it was a very successful day at the bottle school.