masaya & catarina

8:13 AM Marcie Parson 0 Comments

We're weekenders. We work all week and play all weekend.
Last weekend, four of us headed down to Masaya to shop at the largest artisan market in Nicaragua.

But sometimes Salome (below) takes us on surprise adventures during the week. For example, on Thursday we thought we were headed to get water filters. Wrong. We took a pit-stop in Catarina on Thursday to each lunch by la laguna de apoyo, followed by many other surprises along the way.
We had no idea what was going on. But she did. And that's all that mattered.

Last night as we were leaving Tamarindo, we realized we had missed all the buses. 
Salome told me to show some leg and we'd hitchhike to Leon.
And that, my friends, is why we work so closely with Miss Salome.
She is awesome.