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9:25 PM Marcie Parson 4 Comments

I'm home from Nicaragua. I have so many more things to say about it, to blog about, and to share with the world, but other things are on my mind.

When I came home from Jerusalem, I felt like my heart was breaking. It was hard to leave such a special place I loved so much and especially the group of people I shared it with. While everyone else was excited to come home to their families, I felt completely alone. I don't exactly have the luxury to go "home" to my family. It was a rough transition.

I had expected to feel that same way when I left Nicaragua, but this time it was different. I had a family to go home to. I was bubbling with excitement to go home to America because the day I got back I was going on vacation in Bear Lake with my family. My Jerusalem family.

Our relationship is impossibly difficult to describe. We all arrived in Bear Lake at different times, and each time a new car of people trickled in, it was the same explosion of emotions. Squealing, bear hugs, smiles, catching up. It lasted for literally hours. You'd think that with over 80 of us the reaction would settle down, but it doesn't. When we are together, we feel whole, and just being near each other makes us smile.

One thing I learned in Nicaragua was that even though my family is very spread out right now, God always sends me to places where a family is waiting for me. In Jerusalem, it was these people. Sharing something so special brought us so close. and the Rowdys (Ludlows) became our temporary parents.

In Nicaragua, it was our next door neighbors Miguel and Miriam that adopted us into their family. Miriam actually called herself our Mamá Nica. They fed us, washed our clothes, told us what was safe and what was not, told us where to find the best food, taught us about holidays, shared stories about their lives, made us promise we'd never forget them (like that could ever happen), and cried when we left. They became my Nica parents. Some of my best memories of Nicaragua will be just sitting in the living room talking to Miguel and Miriam. 

Living so far away from my parents and siblings has been difficult, but I'm so blessed to have found family wherever I go and to be able to make meaningful relationships with people all over the world. 
Being reunited with my Jeru family feels like home,
and it's oh so good to be home again.