a personal snow day

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It's 11 o'clock and I'm sitting in bed. No, I did not just wake up. But from the moment I laid eyes on the blizzard outside my window at 8:30 AM, I have wanted nothing more than to remain cuddled up under my covers. I have left my bed a total of two times, and I am dreading the thought of trudging outside through the snow to get to class.

Remember snow days?
Why don't they exist in college?
I am just as big of a baby about the cold as I was when I was in grade school.

So while I'm watching the thick white practically pour down outside my window, I'm contemplating on how to solve the problems of the world. Well, not exactly. There's no way I'm going to solve the world's problems without first solving my own. After all, my perception of the world is much more optimistic when I'm happier with myself.

I've never been one to take New Years resolutions seriously. In fact, last year I had things like "fall in love" on there. Not kidding. This year I decided that it was about time that I set some serious goals -- and I am quite serious about them. I have already noticed a difference in my attitude and how I feel about myself. I am much happier with the direction my life is taking me, and I feel great about the things 2013 has in store for me. It's funny how I have more things going on this semester than I've ever dealt with, yet I think I'm the happiest and most stress-free I've ever been.

So cheers to New Years resolutions and a better future for us all!

And about that "fall in love" goal... I definitely carried on the tradition and put some "ambitious" goals on this year's list as well. We'll just have to wait to see how those turn out this year.


a missionary christmas

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These are my parents. They're practically perfect. 

Sometimes when people ask me if I'm going to serve a mission, I tell them I AM serving a mission because I'm so far away from my family it just feels like it sometimes. Yeah, yeah, so I'm not a full-time missionary, nor am I planning on being one anytime soon, but my world is surrounded by missionary work. My friends are getting mission calls, I've shared the gospel, and my parents are rockstar mission presidents in the Colombia Cali Mission

I love being a part of missionary work. I love seeing how it works, watching my friends prepare and grow, interacting with the missionaries, and seeing how the church is growing in other parts of the world. Some of my favorite memories from my past year were experiencing church services in other countries. No matter what languages were spoken, they had the same feeling. They always felt like home. 

I don't know how I lucked out and managed to have three weeks with my parents for Christmas break this year - seriously, thank you, BYU. It had been almost a year and a half since I had seen them. From the day I arrived in Colombia, I was immersed in mission life. We traveled the mission for over a week, visited every zone, went to zone leader council, and were surrounded by missionaries 24-7. Everywhere my parents went, I went too, and let me just say that as a college students who is used to minimal amounts of sleep, maintaining the schedule of a mission president absolutely wiped me out. I don't know how they do it.

It may sound silly, but the best part about my adventurous break was just doing simple things as a family like playing games or baking together. I've missed that so much, and it was so nice to just talk to my parents face to face for a change and get some much needed advice. So while my break was a little unconventional, it was perhaps the best Christmas I've had. 


nostalgia and a little homesickness

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A year ago I left for my semester abroad in Jerusalem. How has it already been a yearSam wrote the following post months ago, and I couldn't resist stealing her words since I am completely wrapped up in reminiscing today.

"I miss that feeling of love--that overwhelming, wrapped in a warm blanket type of love. I miss that togetherness--doing everything, with everyone, every day. I miss the city--how alive it is and the friendly smiles always coming our way. I miss the nights we stayed up on the balcony looking out onto the city, and the early mornings spent in class feeling the verity of the teachings our professors shared with us. I miss the dance parties and the clearly identifiable giggles heard throughout the hallways at any and all times of the day, both appropriate and not (like during church...oops). I miss having inside jokes that we actually thought we came up with all on our own (yolo, anyone?). I miss waking up to the sound of the Call to Prayer, rushing through the city engulfed by the smell of freshly baked pita (and smelly men), and being overly excited for banana bread muffins or ice cream in the Oasis during dinner.

It is crazy how I became so attached to a place I lived in for only four months. How it feels more like home than my actual home. How I am jealous of other groups having similar experiences, because I feel like it was mine and mine only, and as if I am the only person and my group is the only one that can truly appreciate it for all it is worth.

I guess they call it the Holy Land for that reason. It really is holy. It holds a special place in my heart. A section that can never be replaced. A place that some boy, a boy who is smart and wants to win my whole heart, will bring me back to one day and allow me to show him why it truly is the greatest place on earth.

I know I am not alone in my love for Jerusalem. Hello, there is kind of a war being fought over it. Well, that, and other things. And in a way, I understand. I am possessive over the city. And the people. And the history. I want it to be preserved forever. I want the world to see and understand what the people of Israel already know--Israel is the Land of God. God, the Holy One of Israel. And Jerusalem is where Jesus lived and taught and suffered and died and rose again. Jesus Christ, our Savior. Could a more important place exist?

I think sometimes it is easy, too easy, to get caught up in this lifestyle--this lifestyle of nice cars and big houses and fancy clothes. But I also think that is part of what I love most about Jerusalem. No one cares what you are wearing, or rather, they care that what you are wearing is so mute and covers so much of you that you forget about what you are wearing and focus on what is truly important--your faith. Everyone wants to be your friend. Everyone wants to see you happy.

It is funny looking back on it like this, because I remember times feelings of such hostility between Palestinians and Jews. But I also felt so welcomed everywhere I went--synagogues, mosques, the Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall, the Old City, everywhere.

I cannot remember passing an unfriendly face. I cannot remember a day spent without a stupid smile plastered on. I cannot remember a night that I did not reflect back on my day and think, "I am so blessed. God is so good. Life is so great." And that could not be more true. I am so blessed. God is so good. And life is so great.

I never expected to feel this way about a place, or to have this endless amount of love for a group of people. But I could not be more grateful that I do now--that I have had that experience. I feel blessed to be able to hold this place in my heart. I wish everyone could go and feel the love that I felt there. I want everyone to know what it is like to love something so much that you can't imagine your life without it. People say that is what it is like when you fall in love. So maybe I haven't fallen in love with that one special person yet, but I have with this city. And that has got to be a start right?

Here's an interesting article that caught my eye, and got this ramble going."

Amen, sista. Meet you in Jeru for our 25 year reunion.


happy passport, happy people, happy new year!

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You might think it would be an overstatement to say that 2012 was the best year of my life. But you're wrong. It was. I can't think of another year where I learned, grew, traveled, served, laughed, and loved so much. I am a new - and much better - person.









2012 will be hard to beat, but I have a feeling 2013 has some wonderful adventures in store for me. 
Happy 2013!