growing up and mission trips

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A few weeks ago I was told a story about growing pains. To answer her child's plea for relief, the storyteller's mother simply replied: "Sometimes it just hurts to grow."

Amen. What a wise woman.

Well my physical growth spurt days are long gone, but every twist and turn in my path has led to some kind of growth. I'll be honest: sometimes it's stressful, sometimes it's plain scary, and sometimes it just hurts to grow.

But sometimes it rocks. 

I've decided that I really enjoy growing up. It's rather exciting becoming something you never were before. I had to grow up a lot when my parents suddenly fled the country (or something like that). I had to figure out how to live without calling my mom every single day and that was a novel idea to me. I also had to deal with insurance and cars and scary things like that.

But look at me now! I'm almost done with college! I know so much more than I did when I started out as a wee freshman three years ago. I'm starting to recognize opportunities to grow and actually take them -- Crazy, I know.

I've had a great group of girlfriends for the past three years, but now we are all grown up and going on to bigger, grown-up things. This is the last semester together for most of us. Many have already gone (I have had 10 friends leave on missions in the past 2 months -- and there are plenty more waiting to leave). Yet somehow, even though it's somewhat depressing, it's rather exciting.

Here's a rather dramatic and hilarious video of some of my friends that Kate put together before we all split up. Half of these girls have already gone on missions! God be with you til we meet again, my nuns.

p.s. I don't know which of my friends started calling missions "mission trips," but it's hilarious, and I've said it so much that I can no longer refer to them as missions.


loving love

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Those who know me well know that I love love. I love people in love, and I love to love people. Valentine's Day is definitely a good day for me.

I think I've always liked Valentine's Day (aside from a few bitter teenage years), probably because it is my mom's favorite holiday. My mom is the kind of person who does things full out. For most holidays our house was decked out and she dressed rather festively - complete with holiday socks and earrings. Valentine's Day was no exception. Every year I could wake up and expect a handmade valentine with some sort of valentine surprise to be waiting for me on the kitchen counter. Not to mention sugar cookies, rice krispie treat teddy bears, or some other treat to be given away.

Like I said, full out.

I think I inherited her festive gene. Crafty? No. Baking extraordinaire? Definitely not. While I'm not nearly as good at anything as my mom is, this year I went full out - for me anyways. I was festive. I made valentines. I baked treats. I couldn't wait to tell people I love them.

That's why Valentine's Day is so great. It is yet another excuse to do meaningful things to make your loved ones happy and show them you love them.

And I'll take every chance I can get to spoil people I love.