17 credits later

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For some reason I thought taking 17 credits last semester would be a good idea. I don't know how that thought came to be. In fact, I am the type of person who learns much better when I can focus on fewer classes and who panics when things get too busy and out of control. The idea was a little ambitious, especially since I worked part time as well. Somehow it turned out to be exactly what I thought it would be: a good idea. Things worked out exactly how they needed to.

It was a great idea and a great semester. So great that I'm signed up for round two: 17 credits over spring/summer.

I know. I'm crazy.


shalom, ya'll

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I am sure that everyone I know is now sick of hearing about Jerusalem. But Elder Holland once spoke to the students at the BYU Jerusalem Center where he said that we have a special obligation to bear a witness of the things we learned there.

So brace yourself of a lifetime of Jerusalem posts. Starting with parts of my journal entry from one year ago today, the day I left the city that changed my life:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
"It started out as a good day. I ate breakfast on the balcony and packed a lunch. We walked to Dung Gate and stood in line for the Dome of the Rock for over an hour. I gave an old woman a shekel, and she tied a piece of red string with a star of David charm onto my wrist. I hope she is taken care of someday...

"I caught up to Maddie, Sarah, and Emilie at the Western Wall. The stress of almost missing them and also the love I have for the Western Wall made it a lot harder to leave. I wrote a prayer of gratitude and left it in the wall, and I said a prayer for strength as I touched the wall for the last time. I love the spirit there...

"We were in a bit of a time crunch to get to the Garden Tomb before it closed, so we ran to Marzipan Bakery for chocolate rugelach and hurried out of the city. I found myself humming "Be Still My Soul" as we rushed through the busy streets of the Old City for the last time and out into East Jerusalem. The Garden Tomb was a slice of heaven, as always. We were welcomed by Roy, Victor, and Richard and spent 20 minutes there pondering. I would not have wanted to end my semester at any other place...

"Victor asked us if he could pray with us. So we joined hands right there in front of the tomb, and he prayed for our strength, that we would always represent Christ in whatever we do, and our safety. I was in tears. How sweet it was to have that man, a Christian who believes many different things than I do, pray to the same God, my Father in heaven, in my behalf. and I know he hears his prayers."

The rest of the journal entry is pretty dramatic, so I'll spare you the tears (you're welcome).

Has it already been a year since that day? I hope I am living my life in a way that continually shows people what I learned there. How blessed I am to have gained such a strong relationship with my Lord and Savior while living in the Holy Land.


(Thanks Sarah Jane for some of the clips!)


the end is near

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Today I realized that next week I'll be finished with my last full semester at BYU. Yikes. I won't technically graduate until December, but let's be honest, spring and summer classes are just not the same. Then I do a fall internship. THEN. I can graduate.


The end is so near. It's only mildly terrifying.