provo's best kept secret

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Some people get burnt out of school and go home for the summer, some people go on missions, some people travel, and some people stay in Provo forever. I must admit that I love home and missionaries and traveling, but let me tell you why I'm having an incredible summer going to school here in Provo.

First, here is a little background info on my life as to why I am in Provo. 

1. In order to graduate in December (at least that's the plan), I need to take 17 credits over spring and summer terms. That means 9 credits over spring and 8 over summer. I've finished the 9 and am on to my last classes EVER - gulp. Frightening. and sad. and happy. and exhilarating. 

2. My padres are babysitting 200 missionaries in Colombia for another year, which means "going home" for the summer is not an option. I've visited twice but don't have the cash to visit again. Two years down, one to go! See you soon, Mom!

3. Craig Wes Parson finished his first year of medical school and has the entire summer off. And how is Dr. P choosing to spend his last summer break of his lifetime? In Provo, of course. With me.

So why is my summer so incredible? Summer in Provo is heaven. It must be top secret or something because for some reason, people seem to clear out after winter finals. The weather is perfect, the trees are green, the professors are super easygoing, and it isn't freezing. I love the sun. I love school. and I love studying in the sun. A truly extraordinary combination. 

Somehow my seemingly overwhelming amount of credits I'm taking is actually just perfect. I manage to get everything done and play on weekends! I road tripped to Phoenix with Sister Farnsworth and our car broke down in Vegas. We managed to make it to Phoenix the next day, surprise Craig (while he was taking finals - oops), and go paddle boarding on Lake Tempe! The next weekend, I road tripped to Vegas to see one of my best friends. We had a mini Jeru-reunion and spent the weekend on the lake and at the pool. 

Craig finally moved here, and we've been romping around Provo ever since. We went to Virginia for Kings Dominion with the Princes and California for Disneyland with the Parsons. We spent a weekend in Cedar and found Toquerville Falls. We've gone on bike rides, seen a drive-in movie, rode the full-moon ski lift at Sundance, and saw penguins at the aquarium. I watch him play sports, and he [disapprovingly] watches me eat bowl after bowl of ice cream. We like being in the same place. 

I pretended I'm fit and hiked the Y. Padre got an iPhone so we can communicate internationally via iMessage (bless you, Steve Jobs)! Friends are getting married and going on missions right and left. And somehow, amidst all of my adventures, I'm managing to get good grades. Miracle.

Sometimes I think my life isn't exciting or worth blogging about. Then I realize everything I'm doing is adventurous and everything about this summer is perfect.

Life is exciting.


PK 2013

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Meet the Prince Kids

We love each other. A lot. We get together as often as possible, but it is never enough. I cry every time I leave them. It probably has something to do with the fact that most of them are on the east coast, and we only manage to see each other once every year or two. But when we do see each other, it's magical. Yep, I went there. Magical. No group of people understands me and makes me as happy as they do. 

We have a lot of traditions in my family, and most of them revolve around food and/or holidays. On Memorial Day, we go to Kings Dominion, a trashy little amusement park in southern Virginia. Since the Prince Kids hadn't been together in a very long time (almost 2 years!), we decided that Kings Dominion was the perfect excuse for a PK reunion. So this past Memorial Day, Craig met the Prince Kids. I am happy to report that he survived the squeals, hugs, bizarre traditions, and overdramatic reunions and farewells. 

The weekend was complete with roller coasters, a picnic, funnel cake, bike rides, a "cousins carnival" aka obstacle course, and lots of family games. It was beyond perfect, but hard to leave. I may have cried a little on the airplane when Craig was sleeping. Thank heavens PK 2014 (with Prince Parents finally returned from Colombia!!) is already in the works! 

This picture is too perfect.