2:27 PM Marcie Parson 5 Comments

Last week I finished my last classes ever at BYU. 

The realization that I was done came with a little pang of sadness. I have loved every minute of my time at BYU. I will be the first to admit that I love school and love learning -- I will definitely be the mom who gets excited over taking my kids back-to-school shopping and helping with homework -- but BYU taught me things that I didn't expect to learn. I am a far better person because of this university. 

The past few weeks were spent with people I love the most, but I'm leaving this week. I'm done with classes but have one more requirement to graduate: an internship. Once I'm done, I will officially graduate in December. I'm happy to report that this new adventure is my most exciting one yet! So where am I off to? 

(Brooke Shultz Photography - thanks Sarah Jane)

Shamelessly chasing this guy to Arizona.