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This week Craig has 4 tests. It just so happens that it is my birthday week. I happen to be a birthday diva, and like most girls, I prefer to drag out my birthday a few days.

Bad timing, MWU. Terribly unpleasant timing.

While I usually am dramatic and say Craig lives in the library (and I'm typically with him so that makes me an honorary Midwestern student - even the security guards know me), this week was an exception. He quite literally lived on campus.

Our schedules were such that I didn't get to see him at all yesterday. Instead I got a text from him at 8:10 this morning that said, "I am finally going to bed." what!? His test was at 6 am and he decided he needed to study through the night. Mind you, this is not finals week. This is just an ordinary week in October.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is medical school. This is our life.

When I finally got to see Craig today (almost a whopping 48 hours apart - yes yes we're so dramatic and embarrassing I KNOW), he looked at me and said, "can't we just be married already?"


My sentiments exactly. Cannot wait to be stuck with this guy forever.

Photos by Jerrae Wilson


thoughts on planning a wedding

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+ Life planning, goal setting, week scheduling, calendar organizing -- I'm all over that. I live for organization. Event planning, on the other hand? Heavens, no. That's what friends are for.

+ I just want to be married. Unfortunately, wanting to get married in less than two months makes the process mildly tumultuous for those involved. Sorry, mom!

+ I would recommend getting married when your parents live in the same country as you if at all possible.

+ Seriously thank the heavens that getting married in Utah is so cheap compared to other states. A big thanks to my fellow Mormons who keep the prices low in Utah.

+ People in this world are incredible. I am overwhelmed by the generosity of the people who have offered to help me.

+ For some reason there exists a certain breed of human who has this idea that being engaged is not fun. They are wrong. Or just really boring/uptight people. Every day is a happy day because I wake up and think, I get to marry Craig Parson. Why, it makes me smile just writing it.

+ The best part of wedding planning? It sure makes the time pass faster.



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I'm in love! I'm in love! and I don't care who knows it!

Sometimes people ask me how we met, and let's face it, I never give a good answer. So here's my attempt to gather my thoughts into a coherent story:

I first saw Craig on a gigantic group date (yes, it really was gigantic - 40 people) in December of 2011. He doesn't remember me, but I remember thinking how lucky my friend was to have the most attractive date there. After the date, I went off to Jerusalem for a semester, and meanwhile Craig became friends with my girlfriends who threw the party. I came home and we were introduced at several different gatherings with the same friends.

I was awkward and only knew how to talk about Jerusalem. He was preparing to leave for medical school and didn't want to date.

He miraculously decided to get my number and ask me out. He was hooked from the start, I wasn't, and I made it very clear (forgive me for my poor judgment). He had given up on me and was planning on never seeing me again. He had a trip planned to California that overlapped with my trip to Nicaragua, which overlapped with his big move to Arizona. It seemed impossible to see each other ever again. For some reason he decided to see me one more time before he left for California, and that night I suddenly realized I had made a big mistake. What had I been thinking?! He was perfect! But by then it was too late; we had run out of time, and he left.

After some coaxing from a friend (God bless you Madylyn Thorn), he came back from California early to see me one last time before I went to Nicaragua. We kissed. A few days later I left for Nicaragua for the rest of the summer.

We emailed back and forth and skyped every Sunday. It was tricky. By the time I came back he had left for med school. I didn't know where we were at. It was all so confusing. How do you start dating someone long distance when you've only dated in person for a few days? He came to visit me in Provo. It seemed complicated, and I still wasn't sure about the whole long distance commitment. He was ever so patient with me as I tried to figure it out.

He left and something changed. Then I drove down to Arizona to visit him. The day I left I looked at him and thought, "I think I might marry him."

But then it was my turn to be patient. I fell for him quickly and it took quite some time for Craig to get on the same page as me. In fact, it took almost 10 months of long-distance dating, 3 months of being together in Provo, and 1 month after I had moved to Arizona for him.

But trust me, it was well worth the wait.

I think 14 months of patience calls for a short engagement, don't you?
See you all in St. George on November 16th.

Why yes, that makes our engagement just 4 days shy of two months. 
Say what you will, but I can't wait to be a Parson.