a personal snow day

10:27 AM Marcie Parson 3 Comments

It's 11 o'clock and I'm sitting in bed. No, I did not just wake up. But from the moment I laid eyes on the blizzard outside my window at 8:30 AM, I have wanted nothing more than to remain cuddled up under my covers. I have left my bed a total of two times, and I am dreading the thought of trudging outside through the snow to get to class.

Remember snow days?
Why don't they exist in college?
I am just as big of a baby about the cold as I was when I was in grade school.

So while I'm watching the thick white practically pour down outside my window, I'm contemplating on how to solve the problems of the world. Well, not exactly. There's no way I'm going to solve the world's problems without first solving my own. After all, my perception of the world is much more optimistic when I'm happier with myself.

I've never been one to take New Years resolutions seriously. In fact, last year I had things like "fall in love" on there. Not kidding. This year I decided that it was about time that I set some serious goals -- and I am quite serious about them. I have already noticed a difference in my attitude and how I feel about myself. I am much happier with the direction my life is taking me, and I feel great about the things 2013 has in store for me. It's funny how I have more things going on this semester than I've ever dealt with, yet I think I'm the happiest and most stress-free I've ever been.

So cheers to New Years resolutions and a better future for us all!

And about that "fall in love" goal... I definitely carried on the tradition and put some "ambitious" goals on this year's list as well. We'll just have to wait to see how those turn out this year.