lizard life

6:07 PM Marcie Parson 1 Comments

When I moved to St. George in 2008, I thought I had moved to another planet. The whole desert concept was a bit much for me, and I could not, for the life of me, understand why everything was so "brown."

Then I moved to Arizona.

okay, friends. Let me tell you something about AZ: it is dead. as a doornail.
My world revolves around saguaro cacti and 100+ degree weather (it's September, mind you).

Confession time. I must admit that I borderline worship the sun. There most likely is something seriously wrong with my body temperature because I am always cold. Therefore, stepping into Arizona heat after sitting in a freezing cold office all day instantly defrosts my body and warms my soul. I may get it from my mother. She once declared she was a lizard because she loved to be outside in the heat. I think that makes me part lizard.

In other words, I'm adapting to the new life just swimmingly. I miss seasons and trees and changing leaves and football games, but I am very satisfied with my new arrangements, especially my proximity to that handsome med student I've been hanging around. Life with him is always exciting, even when he spends 90 percent of his time with his nose in his books.

Pictures of our lizard life to come.