thoughts on planning a wedding

5:23 PM Marcie Parson 4 Comments

+ Life planning, goal setting, week scheduling, calendar organizing -- I'm all over that. I live for organization. Event planning, on the other hand? Heavens, no. That's what friends are for.

+ I just want to be married. Unfortunately, wanting to get married in less than two months makes the process mildly tumultuous for those involved. Sorry, mom!

+ I would recommend getting married when your parents live in the same country as you if at all possible.

+ Seriously thank the heavens that getting married in Utah is so cheap compared to other states. A big thanks to my fellow Mormons who keep the prices low in Utah.

+ People in this world are incredible. I am overwhelmed by the generosity of the people who have offered to help me.

+ For some reason there exists a certain breed of human who has this idea that being engaged is not fun. They are wrong. Or just really boring/uptight people. Every day is a happy day because I wake up and think, I get to marry Craig Parson. Why, it makes me smile just writing it.

+ The best part of wedding planning? It sure makes the time pass faster.