a glimpse into our future

8:27 PM Marcie Parson 1 Comments

This week Craig has 4 tests. It just so happens that it is my birthday week. I happen to be a birthday diva, and like most girls, I prefer to drag out my birthday a few days.

Bad timing, MWU. Terribly unpleasant timing.

While I usually am dramatic and say Craig lives in the library (and I'm typically with him so that makes me an honorary Midwestern student - even the security guards know me), this week was an exception. He quite literally lived on campus.

Our schedules were such that I didn't get to see him at all yesterday. Instead I got a text from him at 8:10 this morning that said, "I am finally going to bed." what!? His test was at 6 am and he decided he needed to study through the night. Mind you, this is not finals week. This is just an ordinary week in October.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is medical school. This is our life.

When I finally got to see Craig today (almost a whopping 48 hours apart - yes yes we're so dramatic and embarrassing I KNOW), he looked at me and said, "can't we just be married already?"


My sentiments exactly. Cannot wait to be stuck with this guy forever.

Photos by Jerrae Wilson