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3:19 PM Marcie Parson 2 Comments

When I moved to Arizona, Craig was my only friend. This wasn't a problem since I wanted to spend all of my time with him anyways. However, it was a little unfortunate when we got engaged and I didn't have any friends or family here to celebrate with. Sending pictures and recapping the story over the phone definitely wasn't as exciting as squealing and chatting with everyone in person.

Thank heavens I have the world's greatest friends.

A group of them drove down from Logan and Provo for my wedding, and the night before I got married, they threw me a "love can go the distance" bridal shower. It could not have been more perfect. It was SO fun to see everyone since I hadn't seen them in months, and definitely not since I had been engaged. I finally got to celebrate and giggle and show off my ring and squeal with the girls who were almost excited about my wedding as I was! It was adorable and definitely the perfect way to spend my last night as a single lady. A big thank you to all of my girlfriends for driving all the way down to make my wedding even more special.

 ^^ I'm so happy that the moment of dethroning Lisa from the left side was captured ^^

p.s. Brooke is the graphic designer slash photographer, and she rocks.