marry christmas from the newlyweds!

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Once in a blue moon Craig gets a break from med school. He only had a few days off for Christmas, so we raced to Cedar where we packed in as many winter activities as possible. I experienced my first Parson Christmas, complete with a crab feast, the singing of the Parson "anthem", and countless rounds of Scum. We explored lava caves, went sledding with the kiddos, and ice skated on Cedar's first ice rink. It was a very merry Christmas indeed.



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I was raised on Disney. When I was little, I pretended I was a different Disney princess every day and wouldn't answer to anyone unless they referred to me by that particular princess's name. Craig was raised on Disneyland, and his family still makes the 10-hour trek there on a regular basis. 

So yes, we are Disney people.

We flew to Orlando for one week, and it was no question that we would go to Disney World. Just when I thought I couldn't love Disney any more, they decorated for Christmas. Oh my WOW. Perfect decorations, perfect music playing throughout the entire park, perfect lights covering every inch of buildings. It could not have been more magical.

While no one can compete with the magic of Disney, we are admittedly roller coaster junkies, so naturally we had to spend a day at the Universal Studios parks. We loved it... maybe a little too much because it exhausted us right out. We may or may not have taken a power nap on a park bench...

By the look on his face, I think you can tell we thoroughly enjoyed our vacation.