Thursday thoughts

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The job hunt has required me to spend a lot more time on the computer than usual. This inevitably leads to occasionally wasting time viewing negative or unintelligent things, making me feel like society is going down the drain, wishing I lived in another era (preferably with big band music), and it's quite depressing. on so many levels. 

But today I saw this picture, clicked the link that followed, watched a short clip, and found myself at ease. And I encourage you to do the same.

"We stay in. We keep working. We keep believing. We keep trusting, following that same path. And we will live to fall in His arms, and feel His embrace, and hear Him say, 
'I told you it'd be okay. I told you it'd be alright.'" 



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January is nuts. It's an 8-exams kind of month for Craig, and therefore a reeeally exciting one for the unemployed housewife.

We wake up.
If I'm lucky, Craig won't leave at an unspeakable hour, and I'll see him in the morning.
Craig goes to school.
I attempt to exercise.
I look for jobs.
I apply for jobs.
I meet with people who can hopefully connect me to jobs.
I decide that public health must be a made-up field and that there are actually no jobs.
Craig comes home for lunch.
Craig goes back to campus.
I get discouraged from not finding jobs and
       (a) watch Netflix,
       (b) bake treats,
       (c) waste time on social media (oops), or
       (d) contemplate the possibility of just being a housewife.
We eat dinner.
We play Bananagrams while watching the Office.
Craig goes back to the library.
I fall asleep before he gets home.


But at the same time, life is always exciting in our home. Like how Craig sent our dinner flying the other day, and I screamed and threw my water all over the place. Whoops! And how we were suckered into an assignment to babysit 20 rowdy kids (18 months to 3 years) every week and suddenly my desire to have kids has vanished.

Life is an adventure. And I'm so glad Craig's a part of mine. 


top 13 of 2013

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My favorite part of the start of a new year is looking back at pictures taken throughout the previous year. It is a reminder to me of how blessed I have been with wonderful memories and kind people in my life.

I gained seven new passport stamps in 2012, and most importantly, I met the man of my dreams. I thought nothing could top that. Then 2013 came along and I married him. Being Craig's wife will top anything.

What an adventure 2013 has been. I am a new person with new goals, a new home, and even a new last name. I can't believe how blessed I have been this year. God is so good, always.

I spent hours yesterday looking through pictures of 2013. It was terribly difficult to narrow it down, but here are thirteen of my favorite pictures from 2013, in no particular order: