The worker bee husband

10:38 AM Marcie Parson 3 Comments

He works so hard that he often slips into slumber before he realizes what's happening. After taking a test, the demands of maintaining his schedule finally push him into a state of near delirium (true story: he called me mom and doesn't remember... and sometimes he sleeptalks). He crashes hard. Sometimes I wonder, is this a nap or a coma? 

And naturally, when I stumble upon him sleeping in a odd position, or when he falls asleep mid-conversation, I am compelled to document the moment. It's my duty.

Behold, the worker bee husband!

 ^^ Is Craig snuggling my foot? Why yes, yes he is. ^^

Bless his dedicated heart. 


  1. We laughed and laughed and laughed some more. Thank you for sharing.

  2. man of your knew! I am glad that you are compelled to document the little moments.