The almost-5k

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My grandpa is a runner, my dad is a runner, and according to my dad, I was supposed to be the runner in our family -- emphasis on "supposed to."

I have never really understood why he picked me, since I've never been one to enjoy running. When I moved to Utah in the middle of high school and had ruled joining the dance team as suicide, I entertained the whole running idea in hopes of finding a place at my new school. I went to one day of track conditioning and never went back again. Actually, I don't think I made it through the full practice.

Maybe it was because of my dad's wish, or maybe it was because I was a cheapo who didn't want to buy a gym pass, but for some reason, every few months I'd head out the door and go on a run. It would always end badly. Bad enough to make me wait half a year to try it again. I even passed out once. Yep. Embarrassing.

I guess not having a job for 3 months will make you go crazy because after we got married, for the first time in my life, I kept running -- regularly. It was miserable. There was nothing enjoyable about it. I was slow. I got side aches. I felt like my heart was going to stop. Surely this could not be natural.

Some wonderful girls from church convinced me to do the Color Fun Fest 5k in Phoenix. Surprisingly, I loved it. It was a blast, and I loved every minute of it. No misery, no side aches, no heart failure. I was SO glad these girls convinced me to do this run.

I got to the end of the race and was blown away by how easy it seemed and how fast I had run, so naturally I was very proud of what I had accomplished. And then, right there at the finish line, right when I was celebrating my big achievement, I found out the race was only 2.5 miles. No wonder it seemed so easy! No wonder my time was so fast! It wasn't even a 5k!

A very surprised Craig met me at the finish line (I forgot to mention that the 5k was a color run, and he didn't recognize me covered in chalk--oops). And when I told him I had just found out it was only 2.5 miles, he promised to run 5k with me the next week so I could prove to myself I could do it. And then he pushed me to run even farther. He's a real gem, you guys.

So running still hurts, I'm still slow, and I probably can't run as far as you can, but at least I can say I'm keeping my New Years resolution of running regularly! I might become a runner after all, Dad!


Still honeymooning

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I get to work with all sorts of people every day.
All ages, all stages of life, and all kinds of personalities.
Some people are talkers, and some are thinkers.
Some of them love to tease, and some hardly talk at all.

No matter the person, they almost always assume I am younger than I am -- with the youngest assumption being sixteen (really??). The minute they find out I am married, they are in disbelief. One man actually said, "I can't believe you got married right out of high school," and I had to convince him that I am indeed 22 years old.

Once we get past the age conversation, we can more rationally return to the "just-married" conversation. Yesterday a man proudly told me he had been married for 45 years, and another woman who I was helping told me she just had her 31st anniversary. When I told them that I have been married for 4 months, they both burst out laughing and said, "You're still on your honeymoon!" And they heckled me for a good 5 minutes about how giddy I was and how nice "young love" is.

For the rest of the day, I kept thinking about our honeymoon stage and how truly blissful it is. I recognize that this doesn't happen to everyone. In fact, a lot of people "warned" us that things would get more challenging once we got married. Maybe we're the exception to the rule, but Craig and I often talk about how this could not be more untrue for us. Life has been so much sweeter since the day we got married.

A few weeks ago we attended the sealing of a friend, and it was the first sealing I had been to since our own. I hardly knew them and I still got weepy because it was so cool to hear the words that went right over my head when it was happening to me. Plus I'm a big sap and get so happy when people are in love.

I love being a newlywed. I hope it lasts forever.


A Parson vacation

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After exhibiting some zombie-like behavior for about a week (and some incredibly hilarious sleep-walking/talking), Craig finished up his winter finals and took me on a quarter break vacation!

We stayed 4 days in Southern California (two of which were spent romping through Disneyland and California Adventure) and headed up to Cedar for another 4 days to hang out with family, and to watch the state basketball tournament, of course. It was just what we needed to recharge for the next 4 months of madness (understatement). It will be a crazy ride, but in 4 months, Studentdoctor P. will be done with classes AND his first round of boards!

Adding to the madness, the very day we left for California, I took a job as a physical therapy tech! With an exhausting first two weeks under my belt, I feel super excited about this job and the challenges that come with it.

So I dedicate these next few months of craziness to Disneyland, for giving us a little bit of magic to keep on keeping on. Thanks again, Walt.

Why yes, we wore matching shirts to Disneyland. 
And if that wasn't dreamy enough, it was Craig's idea, too.