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+ I was in North Carolina when it was Craig's birthday. Worst wife award, I know. In my defense, this trip was planned before we were even engaged. And Craig wasn't exactly jumping on the planning bandwagon when it came to getting married. Anyways. I was heart broken I couldn't be there for Craig's birthday, mostly because I love spoiling him even though he's not a birthday person at all. I tried to make up for it by hiding presents for him around the house and celebrating him from afar, but I still felt bad and we were able to celebrate a week later.

+ Craig loves pizza more than anyone I know. His number one dream in life is to build a brick oven in the backyard of our future home and own a pizza stand called "Craigo's." The "big gift" that I got Craig for his birthday was that I had arranged for us to take a pizza-making class at a local culinary school. It was a BLAST. I am proud to say that Craig was a natural and his pizza was way better than mine. Keep your eyes out for Craigo's pizza stand in a few years, neighbors.

+ We moved, from Glendale to Phoenix. It was surprisingly difficult to leave our first apartment. It was practically bare and was never decorated, but I will always have very fond memories of Tresa #2130. I can still remember moving my stuff in the week before we were married and freaking out that we were actually going to live in the same quarters and share a closet (heaven forbid). I loved that apartment so much. Our new place is smaller and older, but we are in a really fun area. We moved to be closer to Craig's rotations, which are mostly near downtown Phoenix. We are consequentially near lots of shopping and yummy food and museums and it's great.

+ Friday night date night is our jam, and we almost always go out to eat. We love trying new restaurants (does that make us foodies? what's a foodie anyway?). Fortunately our new home has an A+ restaurant scene, so we set a goal to go to a new place every week, and it has probably been the best idea we've ever had. Recommendations: GrassrootsLe Grande Orange, The Stand, Tortas El Guero, & Frost Gelato.

+ One year ago on September 20, Craig proposed to me. The day snuck up on me and I didn't even realize it until, of course, it was the 21st, and I suddenly remembered how one year earlier I called Lisa to wish her a happy birthday, and at the end of the phone call she asked me if I was engaged - which was a typical (and sensitive) subject in our conversations - and I FINALLY was able to tell her YES! Best birthday present ever, right? It was so fun to reminisce about that night with Craig. I pulled out my journal entry from the night of our engagement, and it was absolutely hilarious to read out loud. I am so so thankful for my journal and all of the wonderful, hilarious memories and beautiful emotions it has captured.

And I am so so thankful that Craig chose me, and that he continues to choose me every day.