4:03 PM Marcie Parson 2 Comments

I love October. I always have. And I am not ashamed to admit that a big part of that comes from just looking forward to my birthday. My birthday always felt magical because October is the month that fall really settles in. The weather cools down, the leaves change colors, and suddenly you're allowed to bundle up in sweaters (let's be honest, it's like wearing a blanket). My heart and stomach become so happy when pumpkin-flavored everything can reenter my life.

Living in Phoenix is the strangest thing because seasons do not exist. October creeps up on you and you do not even realize it because the thermometer still reads 95 degrees. It doesn't feel like fall, which is probably why October didn't feel the same to me this year. Fall equinox came and went, and I was still frequenting the pool like it was my job.

And then, with no autumnal warning, I turned 23. Because my parents raised me to believe that birthdays are days to celebrate, I  L O V E  birthdays. I get so excited about my birthday that I used to write the date 10/18 and turn the 0 and the 8 into little balloons. My birthday weekend was hands down the very best part of the month. And I am so happy that my anti-birthday husband played along and made it a special weekend for me.

For months I had been begging Craig to take me to Sedona almost as much as he begs me to go to Disneyland. And so we finally went. We packed overnight bags and stopped at Nook for a birthday dinner before we made the two-hour drive up to Sedona.

Sedona is an absolutely gorgeous combination of Park City and Zion National Park. In the morning we drove up through the town to hike Devil's Bridge, and we spent the rest of the afternoon on main street checking out the plein air festival and little shops there. I skipped right over all of the "foodie" places to eat and of course went for Cold Stone because hello it was my birthday, and Cold Stone never disappoints.

It was honestly the most perfect birthday because it was chock full of adventures and we completely escaped the eternal summer of Phoenix. I can't wait to go back. There are too many beautiful hikes we have yet to try.

Yesterday Phoenix welcomed November by deciding to drop down to 81 degrees. Naturally I rounded down and claimed that it was in the "high 70's", and so I took this as a sign that (hallelujah) fall has finally arrived in Arizona. Farewell, October.