The ultimate journal

12:41 PM Marcie Parson 6 Comments

I have been a journalist since middle school. And by journalist, I mean that I keep a darn good journal. I write frequently enough that there are rarely any entries that start with the infamous "well it's been a long time since I've written in here," and if there are, a week or two at most have passed by. In fact, I usually write several times a week, and if I'm doing something particularly noteworthy, I write every single day so I can remember every detail.

I love journaling. I love the therapeutic relief I get from finishing a day by spilling my life onto paper. I love tucking away love notes and thank you cards inside the pages. I love being able to be as dramatic as I want, even if I know I won't feel that way when I wake up. I love finishing an entry with jotting down a few things I was grateful for that day, even the silly things like umbrellas or socks.

I also love going back and reading old journals. I inevitably find myself giggling about comical events I had forgotten and trivial things I thought were so important at the time. But above all, reading my journals helps me recognize the countless blessings that I have been given. The pages of my journals are proof that I have been watched over and blessed throughout the entirety of my life. As I read through them, I constantly rediscover God's hand in my life.

I started this blog on a whim in the spring of 2011. It has become a public and much more rational journal, void of my overly dramatic emotions and the intimate details of my life. This blog does not exist to show off how fashionable or crafty I am (I am neither of those things anyway); this blog is for me. It is so I can keep a personal history, and now, a family history. It logs the important events of the year and captures my emotion through the inclusion of my favorite pictures.

I have one journal filled entirely by entries from my three and half months in Jerusalem. While I was there, I couldn't help but wish I had pictures to go along with every page, but there just wasn't enough room! I was so happy I had my blog to keep track of my favorite pictures and even scriptures to go along with some of the sites we visited. So it was there I decided I needed to turn my blog into a book so that I could augment my personal journal.

Yesterday, my blog became a book!  The ultimate journal. I am thrilled with the way it turned out. I started with the year I started my blog, 2011. Now that it's done and I have a better handle on the software to create it, I am moving on to making my Jerusalem book, and each year after that. I'm really excited to make a "yearbook" for every year with my future family!

It's like I can finally scrapbook even though I don't have a creative gene in my body!

(hopefully our kids get some from Craig)