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+ Because it's crunch time for finals, we planned on not being able to make the Gilbert Temple open house. Thank goodness Craig's cousin Lars is getting married and decided to have an engagement party in Chandler, because if there's one thing that Parsons make exceptions for, it's family. They really know how to support each other, and I absolutely love that about this family. The party happened to be 10 minutes away from the new temple so we got to stop by and take a tour before we headed home for more study time. It was beautiful!

+ Craig and I are on a pizookie kick. Why bake cookie dough into cookies if you could enjoy a half-baked sugary pizza foundation for your ice cream? Why eat ice cream in a bowl when it could be on top of a hot-out-of-the-oven gooey pizza of cookie dough? We use the "Jerusalem" recipe of course.
Also, homemade oreos. Just by themselves. Yum.

+ We wanted to go out for a nice Valentine's dinner yesterday, so we decided to go at 4:45 to beat the rush. Unfortunately, we didn't factor in how we live in an area full of old people who eat dinner at approximately 4 pm. After spending 10 minutes searching for a parking space, we walked inside the Cheesecake Factory where the average hair color (if there was any trace of hair) was silver. Oops.

+ Job searching is getting comical because everyone wants an RN or MPH or anything other than just a bachelor's degree. Joke's on them because Craig's finals are done in 6 days. No job = nothing holding me back from taking a 10-day vacation with my husband. California, here we come! (OC reference because guess which one of us watched the OC growing up... hint... it wasn't me)

+ Sorry about snowmageddon out east, but it's 88 degrees here today. Looks like it's time for everyone to come visit.

+ I spend way too much time watching the olympics and stalking Kate in the media. She was one of the coolest people I knew way before she was an olympian. You may remember her from this video she made last year before our friends all split up. She has gotten some serious media attention for her Beyonce warm up routine, but that's only one of the reasons she's so great. Read about how incredible and inspiring she is herehere, here, and here.

God bless America.