A Vegas Tripp

12:31 PM Marcie Parson 2 Comments

Jerusalem gave me new knowledge, new perspectives, and new lifelong friends, one of whom is the glamorous Sarah Kathryn Tripp. Born and raised in Vegas, this girl lives for anything pink, gold, glittery, or sequined. So naturally, when she got married, her wedding included all of the above.

She was absolutely gorgeous, the ultimate princess. She might as well have worn a tiara. Thank goodness she looked like such a goddess, because no one paid attention to the bridesmaid whose skirt had to be left unzipped most of the day -- apparently size 2 to River Island means "we're trying to give you an eating disorder." Unfortunately for them, nothing can keep this girl from ice cream. 

I'm so happy I was able to travel to Vegas to share this girl's special day. She found someone who loves pink, bling, and cheetah almost as much as she does, so basically they're a match made in heaven. Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. Tripp!

The next day, I casually "ran into" Anna, my very first roommate, who is serving a mission at Temple Square. She had been temporarily assigned to Vegas for a few months and is heading back to SLC this week! We crashed the singles ward to find her and were only able to chat for the 10 minutes before church started, but it was a dream to see her again. 

Craig has finals this week (his last finals EVER!), so he wasn't able to travel with me. It was our first time apart since being married, and by the third day I was super anxious to get home. I am so happy to be back at his side again. 

So I'm needy. So what?