Bored of boards

5:04 PM Marcie Parson 2 Comments

Studentdoctor P. has boards in one month.

Since boards are kind of a big deal and play a small part in determining the future of you and your family, this means that students must go into caves until completion of said exams. Stress levels are high and the library is your best friend.

It is a treat to have a night with my man. It's an even bigger treat to go out with my very best friend AND my man. Last weekend Lisa and Ryan came down to Arizona for a little vacation, and with perfect timing, I had two days off of work to spend with them. We spent our time in sunshine, and we even dragged Craig out of his cave to go to a Diamondbacks game.

Even though I can't pretend to know a lot about baseball and although Craig ruined every picture of the four of us, it was a perfect night to cure our boredom of boards. I'm so grateful for my these best friends of mine. And I can't wait for boards to be over.