The end of second year and the boards beard

1:30 PM Marcie Parson 1 Comments

Let's talk about boards for a second. 

This was me before boards.
 ^Please note the koala-bearing and excessive clinginess. 
Also note Craig continues studying while I crawl all over him.^

This was Craig before boards. 
^Please note the beard and the cheesy grin.^

Despite the smiles, boards were rough on both of us. Craig practically lived in the library (I'd guess he was there an average of 12 hours per day), and we had to deal with some serious stress, loneliness, and facial hair. For some reason, Craig decided it would be a good idea to grow a beard for boards. With the day he would meet my dad rapidly approaching, I decided it would be a better idea to see it go. So, being the mean wife that I am, I forced him to shave two days before his last test, the day we picked my parents from the airport.

The week after Craig finished his boards, he started rotations - his last two years of medical school. I had been looking forward to this for 8 months, because what it means is he no longer has tests every Monday, which clears up our nights and weekends to actually spend time together. This isn't the case during every rotation, but his first rotation is pediatrics, which means he has a very normal working schedule. We certainly won't have this luxury once boards return next year, but for now we are soaking in all of his free time and enjoying every minute together.

Why yes, that means that for the first time in our marriage, we can go out on weekends. We can go on dates longer than an hour. We can explore Phoenix. We can have Netflix marathons. And we can start a search for the best Mexican food in all of Arizona (we highly recommend Los Reyes de la Torta & Mango's Mexican Cafe)!

In summary, the top two reasons I was thrilled to see boards go are: (1) no more studying! and (2) no more beard!

And now that he is a professional (or at least pretending to be), I get to welcome home a clean shaven, dressed up doctor. Dreamy.

^^ First day of rotations picture, obviously ^^