Captain Planet

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Two weeks ago I was in a car accident. While exiting the freeway, I was hit by another driver who lost control of their car and swerved into my lane. I had never been in a car accident that was more than a little fender bender, so a freeway smash was pretty terrifying. Luckily the damage was to the front of the car (from the tire forward), because had it hit the drivers side door, I definitely would have broken some bones. I walked away without a scratch, but the trusted 2001 Chevy Malibu that I had driven since high school was officially totaled.

The car buying process became more stressful as each day passed. As a first-time car buyer, I had no idea what I was doing, but I needed a car ASAP! We were desperately trying to research cars and figure out what we wanted/needed/could afford. It was so hard to get our crazy school/work schedules to match up for more than a few hours at a time. We went to a few places and nothing felt right, not to mention that the idea of spending that much money on anything made me want to throw up. I was frustrated. 

Finally, two weeks later, we bought a car. It was scary. We were super nervous. We said a million little prayers because we were freaking out and wanted to make a good decision. But I guess it's about time I start facing my fears of dealing with grown-up things since, oh, I don't know, I'm bringing a child into the world soon. I'm an adult, I promise.

So we bought a Prius. I think it looks like a roly-poly and probably will bring an assortment of bad-driver and environmentalist stereotypes upon us. Craig thinks it feels like driving a video game.

But it's great. and oh man does it feel good to be able to drive again.


BIG news

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Baby BOY Parson coming July 2015! 

I must admit that I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm overwhelmed, terrified, and mostly in denial. So many of my friends who have recently been or are pregnant now have all had rockstar easy pregnancies. Naturally I assumed that I, too, would be a rockstar and just "love" being pregnant. I was wrong. So wrong. And I found this out during week THREE (yep, sickness started that early). It's been pretty frustrating and discouraging. Most of the time it feels like I can't do anything right, like my body is waging a war against me and I have no control over anything it does. 

It's scary. Just plain scary.

But every four weeks I get to go to the doctor and see my little one. I can hear his heart beating and the world stops for a minute. I can finally see him growing and moving around like crazy in there, and I think, but how? how is it possible? is he really in there? he's mine? It just feels like a miracle. For the past four months, it's been hard to believe that this is real. To me, those ultrasounds are God's way of telling me, you're really doing this, you CAN do this, and if you think this is heaven, just wait until you meet him.

At 17 weeks, my nausea has finally started to calm down, and I'm growing a only-noticable-to-me bump. But that minuscule bump is making me more and more excited every day! It's finally becoming real to me. I still have no idea what I'm doing and probably never will (trying not to think about it too much because the control freak in me is panicking), but for now I'm enjoying dreaming about meeting our baby boy...  and how athletic, smart, handsome, and talented he will be...

they only get our good qualities, right?


The holiday season 2014

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We had a remarkable holiday season this past year. In November, my parents came down from St. George to spend Thanksgiving with us. It was a blast because neither of us has any family in Arizona, and we rarely get visitors. They made the weekend SO much fun by making a mini-Thanksgiving feast for the four of us (complete with Joni's famous homemade rolls!), decorating our tiny apartment for Christmas, and taking us to an outrageous cowboy buffet.

For Christmas we took some time off to head up to Cedar City to spend time with the Parsons. It was freeeezing cold in Cedar (I didn't think I could get any wimpier but Arizona has proved me wrong), but Jason took us rock climbing in Snow Canyon, which was a blast! Every time we get together with the whole Parson fam I am reminded of how lucky I am to have married into such a great family. 



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Craig's wildest dreams came true when we celebrated our first anniversary at Disneyland, in honor of our quick trip to Disney World on our honeymoon. Craig had been begging me for literally months to go to Disneyland for our anniversary. The perfect opportunity came (technically a week after November 16) when Kristin invited us to come the exact weekend that Craig finished his rotation and had an extra day off, and we lucked out with Disneyland tickets for an early Christmas present. It was one of the best trips to Disneyland we've ever had, and I attribute it all to the fantastic group we went with.

So grateful for this guy and his Disney-loving heart. 
It's been the most magical year, and it makes me wonder how I ever lived without him.