Thoughts on pregnancy

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There are two thoughts that are constantly running through my head:

  1. I'm 35 weeks pregnant. I cannot even BELIEVE that next month (?!?!) baby boy is making his arrival. Maybe the baby showers did it, maybe it's the "nesting," but my excitement has skyrocketed! We can't wait to meet him! Also - BABY CLOTHES. So tiny and so perfect. Am I right?
  2. I'm 35 weeks pregnant. I cannot even BELIEVE that next month (?!?!) baby boy is making his arrival. TIME SLOW DOWN! I only have 5 more weeks?! Cue tears. Never come out, child. Never. I am not ready. I don't think I ever will be ready. And I'm pretty sure I have no idea what I'm doing and should not be able to be responsible for another human being. Isn't there a way to get my body back without having to birth a child? 

I am constantly switching back and forth between these extremes. Because my thoughts and emotions are all over the place, I'm not even going to try to organize the rest of this post. Here are some more random thoughts/feelings/updates about pregnancy right now:

+ Aside from the usual aches and pains (back aches, general discomfort, heartburn, and sheer exhaustion literally all day), I actually have been feeling pretty fantastic for the last few months, which has been very refreshing since the first few were a doozy. Now I'm just trying to adjust to the whole "whale" thing. 

+ I told someone the other day that pregnancy is the hardest thing I've ever done... and at the same time, I am practically doing nothing at all -- my body is just kind of on autopilot! It's amazing, really. A complete miracle. Hence the phrase "the miracle of life." 

+ Baby still doesn't have a name yet which really stresses me out. I want to name him Wesley and call him Wes, but it's a no-go for Craig (whose middle name is Wes... explain that one to me). Craig wants to name him James but call him Jim or Jimmy, which makes me want to die inside because James is a perfectly good name.

+ My mom has officially freaked me out into thinking this baby is going to come even earlier, since apparently it runs in the family. Cue thought #2.

+ The other day, one of my patients told me I'm really starting to "show in my face" and "fill out." WHAT!? Please add that to the list of things NOT to say to a pregnant lady.

+ Speaking of work, only two more weeks left! It will be so weird to be done, but so nice at the same time since I am starting to seriously slow down, and my 12 hour days are killing me. A lot of people think I'm crazy to be quitting to stay at home. Many people remark that it's "so nice" that I'm "able" to stay at home... as if my husband is totally supporting us and we are living the dream. HA! Joke's on them. Hellooo student loans.

Basically I'm an emotional roller coaster.
God bless my sweet Craig.



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+ Annakin visits Phoenix! She came for a wedding and we were only able to see her for a couple hours, but it was a blast. We reminisced on how we were randomly assigned as freshman roommates and how she assumed, based solely off my last name, that I was a diva. And posted it on facebook. And I saw it. And it was awkward. And then we started facebook messaging and became best friends. Seriously lucked out with my random roommate selection.

+ To prep our YW for girls camp (and maybe also because all of us leaders like to hike), we have been taking them on a handful of little hikes around Phoenix. They are big time whiners and will flat out just not show up to our hiking activities sometimes. It's actually hilarious though and I still love them.

So to encourage more girls to come, we decided to up our game a little bit and plan an overnight trip to Sedona - aka the most beautiful part of Arizona. I was SO happy that we had so many girls come -- and LOVE -- the trip! Craig and I didn't stay overnight (I prefer my own bed these days, thank you), but we met up with them in the morning to hike West Fork -- which was outrageously beautiful. If having a dream calling is a thing, being with the Biltmore Ward YW is mine!

+ Speaking of how much I love being in YWs, my friends from the presidency threw me a baby shower/luncheon which was so much fun! I love these ladies so much and am so grateful to serve with them. Sadly I didn't take any pictures so thank you Whitney for snapping a few!

+ Last weekend my coworkers threw me a BaByQ (swoon at the name)! I work with some of the greatest humans in Phoenix, and since some days I wonder if this child is sucking the life out of me, I think I would have quit early on in my pregnancy if they didn't keep me laughing my head off every day. Again, I failed to take pictures, but thanks to Kenny, we will never forget the "stuff a balloon up your shirt, stick a golf ball between your knees, waddle down the path, and try to drop it in a cup" game -- which I of course won because hellooo I am an expert at getting around with a balloon-sized belly, thank you very much.


Back to the beginning

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Where it all began. Where I "grew up," made life-changing best friends, and most importantly, met my phenomenal husband. I adore this place.

The day I moved away from Provo was a sad, sad day. Craig had convinced me to move down to Arizona, with a high chance of marriage attached. As excited as I was for this new adventure, I was terrified. I didn't actually have a ring on my finger -- what if this goes NO WHERE and I literally left my life, friends, and school behind and became stranded in a state knowing NO ONE but him? I packed up everything I owned in my car, started driving down University Avenue, and sobbed.

Obviously the result of that story was a good one. Craig finally proposed to me, we got married, and are living happily ever after (not even slightly exaggerating). While we love our life together and really like where we are living right now (for the time being), we often talk about how much we love Provo. There is something special about that town, and of course now it is glazed with a feeling of nostalgia.

A few weeks ago we went back to Provo for the first time in two years. It felt like it had been forever and as if no time had passed at the same time. We walked around campus (which has totally changed) and visited all of the places that were special to us in the short time we were in that town together. It was absolutely beautiful.

^^ And then this happened... whoops ^^

But the best part by far was seeing people that I loved so much and that I hadn't seen in years. Many of my friends left on missions long before I left for Arizona, and so it had been over 3 years since I had seen some of them! Our "excuse" for forking out the cash to fly up there was a baby shower - MY baby shower (whaaaat) - that my best friends threw for me. It was perfect. I was honestly just so overwhelmed with love and gratitude that whole day. It felt so good to be surrounded by all of the people I love the most after such a long time.

I am seriously so blessed.