Back to the beginning

9:24 AM Marcie Parson 0 Comments

Where it all began. Where I "grew up," made life-changing best friends, and most importantly, met my phenomenal husband. I adore this place.

The day I moved away from Provo was a sad, sad day. Craig had convinced me to move down to Arizona, with a high chance of marriage attached. As excited as I was for this new adventure, I was terrified. I didn't actually have a ring on my finger -- what if this goes NO WHERE and I literally left my life, friends, and school behind and became stranded in a state knowing NO ONE but him? I packed up everything I owned in my car, started driving down University Avenue, and sobbed.

Obviously the result of that story was a good one. Craig finally proposed to me, we got married, and are living happily ever after (not even slightly exaggerating). While we love our life together and really like where we are living right now (for the time being), we often talk about how much we love Provo. There is something special about that town, and of course now it is glazed with a feeling of nostalgia.

A few weeks ago we went back to Provo for the first time in two years. It felt like it had been forever and as if no time had passed at the same time. We walked around campus (which has totally changed) and visited all of the places that were special to us in the short time we were in that town together. It was absolutely beautiful.

^^ And then this happened... whoops ^^

But the best part by far was seeing people that I loved so much and that I hadn't seen in years. Many of my friends left on missions long before I left for Arizona, and so it had been over 3 years since I had seen some of them! Our "excuse" for forking out the cash to fly up there was a baby shower - MY baby shower (whaaaat) - that my best friends threw for me. It was perfect. I was honestly just so overwhelmed with love and gratitude that whole day. It felt so good to be surrounded by all of the people I love the most after such a long time.

I am seriously so blessed.